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Why our 'offline' component sets us apart.

Referral marketing, let alone the concept of referring a friend, is certainly not new. The wheel is well and truly in motion and we’re not looking to invent a new one.

What we are looking to do, and what I believe we’ve done really well, is open up the number of vehicles on which that wheel fits!

Let me expand….

Referral marketing really boomed in a major way when the likes of DropBox, Google and Uber integrated it into their apps. It helped them scale at an insane rate and it was mostly down to the ease at which they could create incentives, track them and automatically reward their advocates that helped this growth.

Dela was created to open this technology up to much smaller digital businesses, but unlike others, we have put a huge focus on how OFFLINE businesses can use referral marketing.

When I say offline I am talking about serviced based businesses. Cafes, gyms, bowling alleys, hair dressers, activity centres. The list goes on.

These businesses have a physical presence and historically, have been overlooked by those building referral tools; until now.

The surge in Point of Sale (POS) systems that smaller businesses are beginning to use has created a huge opportunity for Dela and our customers. Integrations with some of the most widely adopted POS systems has allowed us to build a platform that works seamlessly for those that operate an offline model.

The leveraging of QR, mobile and POS technology has come together to create something truly special and really allow these businesses to thrive.

We cannot wait to show you what we've built!

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