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This isn't what I thought it would be.

I never set out to create a referral marketing platform. And I definitely didn't wake up one day with a burning passion for refer-a-friend incentives.

There. I said it.

The passion that I do have is for the small, local, business community. They are the vibrant beating heart of this country. It has been devastating to see the impact Covid has had on so many, so I set about exploring ways to help their recovery.

As importantly, however, was a disillusion with current influencer and social media culture that drove me towards the journey I'm now on.

The convergence of this passion and frustration saw the birth of micro, or 'nano', influencing and the role this can play in helping small businesses grow and flourish.

The real influencers for a small business are those people that come to you time after time and then bring back a friend who brings a friend. By harnessing this for small businesses I really do believe we have an opportunity to help and importantly to build a platform that is authentic and organic.

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