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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

There are a number of basics to consider when venturing into the world of referral marketing. All of the elements mentioned below are handled directly from the Dela platform, but will require your consideration and input as you know your clients better than anyone else!

Without EXCELLENT customer service you have nothing.

This really is the crux of whether or not referral marketing is for you. If you know that your customer service is a bit 'blergh', that you are receiving an increasing number of negative reviews and you really aren't matching your clients expectations of service then stop reading now and 'do not pass go!' You have to be shareable and excellent and helping businesses develop this is a passion of our Founders.

Make it easy and don't forget to ask.

We explored in a previous blog the worrying statistic that only about 2/10 people every get round to actually recommending a business, despite 8/10 saying that they would. Plenty of this will be down to them simply not being aware HOW to share, or it being made easy enough for them to do so.

Share, share, share!

Once you decide that referral marketing is for you (which we know it should be 😉) then you need to ensure that you are visible! Consider how you offer your incentives at the point of sale, making it as easy as possible for customers to act. Then consider how you might further engage with your customers to keep a gentle pressure on to encourage them to share (and be rewarded in turn!)

Work out what suits you

Cash or future discounts, it's up to you to decide how to reward your customers based on your business model and frequency of repeat custom. If you are an estate agent then a cash incentive will almost certainly suit you best, but if you run a cafe then you will likely find that future discounts and treats will better suit your client base as they purchase from you far more frequently.

Also give some thought to how you might incentivise a new customer that has been exposed to your business by their friend (a past customer of yours). It can be as simple as follow this link or use this code and receive 10% off your first order. This adds a further element of good will and keeps the concept of referrals front of mind with your new customers, which will further increase your chance of getting them on board with being one of your 'everyday influencers' going forward.

Set that baby on repeat!

Once you've found a formula that works for you then stick it on repeat!

With Dela, you can automate virtually all of the above and this will give you the sticking power and the results. It's no good creating a great offer if you can't then share, track and appropriately proportion payments/discounts and rewards then your efforts will be short lived and not meet their full potential.

Food for thought!

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