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The danger of perception. 👀

"The power to create false perception in a split second, to your advantage, is one of the most damaging skills upheld by modern culture."

A few weeks ago I took my dog out for a walk before work and, struck by a moment of inspiration, shared a quick instagram story on the Dela page extolling the benefits of nature and exercise on one's mental outlook.

It was met really positively, with lots of people commenting on how they were prompted to take some time themselves. There was one person though (someone I know!) who accused me of being a slacker. “Look at you slacking mate while the rest of us are at work”.

This REALLY irked me. Especially as I’d been working until the wee hours of the morning and had taken that walk specifically to clear my head before I started back on my to do list. However, I quickly stepped back from their words and considered what it was that I had posted that gave the impression that I might be slacking, and it made me really consider the power of perception and comparison.

It also made me realise how what we see online really is just a snapshot of that person's day/life.

Was what I was posting giving off the wrong impression of the reality of being the founder of a business? I am all too aware of the damaging glorification of entrepreneurship that you’ll see across Instagram, but at the same time something I feel strongly about promoting is the importance of taking charge of your own narrative and working towards the life that you want.

My personal marker for being ‘successful’ will not be the accumulation of wealth (although I fully recognise this to be part of it) but instead the accumulation of ‘time’. I am building a business by design to help shape the life that I want my family and I to be able to lead and lots of this comes down to having the time to pursue what we love outside of work.

Starting a business is thrilling, yet it is also incredibly challenging, stressful and very very lonely at times. My emotional range on a daily basis probably reflects most employed workers' monthly ups and downs. I go from “yeah boiii, this is flying” to then getting a bill I have to pay and getting a cold sweat about finances.

The point I am making is that a glance into someone else's life that is posted online will give you a snapshot (a curated one at that) of what is really going on. It’s easy to jump to criticism or envy, but it is so important to step away and focus on your own grass rather than taking constant knee jerk reactions and trying to get to someone else's.

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