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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

This may sound absurd and the last thing you’d expect to hear from a company founder but if you aren’t proud of what you do and you don’t shout about it from the rooftops then I don’t want to work with you.

If you don’t pride yourself on how well you treat your customers and know that you offer them the very best in class when it comes to customer care then no matter how good the Dela platform is you will only scratch the surface of the treasure trove that is referral marketing.

92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of marketing (Nielsen). If you aren’t positioning yourself to make the very most of this opportunity then you are missing out. And I cannot stress this last point loudly enough - this is an opportunity. The return will vastly outweigh the cost and the ease of implementation and operation of the platform are seamless and effective. (See the Dela price promise which really does make it a no brainer)

Below I will unpack the three key components that make for referral marketing becoming your most prolific form of marketing yet.

Treat every customer impeccably

I have already touched on this first component, but without it you are presented with an impossible task. If your customers don’t feel positive about their interaction with you or your brand then they simply won’t act as one of your ‘evangelists’ in their local network.

Look to build trust and engagement and use your position as a local business to really engage with local people and immerse yourself in the community.

From this you will have a willingness to share your brand or product which, armed with your incentives, will supercharge your sales.

Incentivise and monitor

Whilst up to 92% of people say that they trust a recommendation from a friend or family member above all else, a surprisingly small percentage of people ever get round to making that recommendation. For all their good intentions life takes over and the moment passes. This is where the power of a referral system really earns its stripes. Create incentives specific to each of your customers and ensure that they are regularly engaged with and reminded of the benefits of sharing your business within their network.

If you are a business that has a large number of customers then monitoring your referral campaigns without the Dela platform will quickly become one of your biggest challenges. These campaigns WORK, but you don’t want to find yourself working on them more than you are working on your business. Full automation on sharing, monitoring and rewarding is essential here (we’ve got you covered!)

Keep it simple, stupid!

KISS - that age old adage has a real place here. I mentioned above that only a small percentage of people ever get round to recommending a product. This is partly down to the chaos of life but it is also in part owed to them having no idea how to refer you! Sort this out for them, make it as simple as possible to share with their friends and you have your recipe licked!

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