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Four Steps to Referral Success

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

When venturing into the world of referral marketing there are four key elements that will set you up for success. Having an offer in itself is not going to cut it. Below we unpack the steps you need to follow to supercharge your next refer-a-friend campaign.

Create a compelling offer.

This is where it all starts. Your offer forms the foundation of any campaign that you do. Make this unique to your business and how you understand your customers and their shopping habits. As a coffee shop owner you’re unlikely to offer a cash incentive as you’d expect repeat business from the customer who recommends you, but if you’re in an industry such as Estate Agency you will certainly look to offer a cash incentive as a repeat purchase just isn’t in the equation for a few years at least.

There are two elements to any incentive. The offer to your customer who will be sharing it with their friends, and then the offer that their friends get if they purchase through you. A classic example would be 10% off for you, 10% off for them. Or it could be £150 for you, 5% off for them. Whatever variable you use will influence your overall return on each campaign and the ROI calculator that is built in to Dela will help you fully understand your campaign before you share it.

Share it and make it easy to join.

This is where many businesses who go it alone with referral marketing have a false start. You can have the best incentive in the world, but unless your customers can find out about it easily and then engage with it and share it with their contacts seamlessly you’ll never really get out of the blocks. So closely consider the points of interaction you have with your own customers and base it on this.

What measures do you have in place to help your customers/advocates share the offer with their own friends and family and how in turn can their friends redeem the offers they have been sent. Dela seamlessly stitches this all together for you and we see it as one of the most vital elements to get right.

Keep the offer front of mind.

Once you have created your referral incentive and it is out in the wider world, keeping it at the forefront of your advocates mind will be key. Gentle reminders if you notice an offer isn’t being shared or redeemed will be hugely important in increasing the success of your campaign. To free up your time make sure this part is as automated as possible and that you can quickly recognise a dip in engagement.

Track, optimise and improve

Recognising that you probably won’t get it just right the first time is important. Like with any marketing, it’s important that you understand what worked and what didn’t - who your top performing advocates are and the speed at which the campaign had an impact. Understand this and all of your other key KPI’s round everything off and provide the information to go even better next time around.

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