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Finding Those 'Points Of Delight'

The ‘Customer Journey’ and ‘Points Of Delight’ might seem like modern business cliches, but in the context of successful referral marketing campaigns they are vital components of success.

In this blog we will unpack both and show how important they are to not just your referral campaign success but also wider business success.

The Customer Journey:

In its simplest form, the customer journey is the visualisation of your marketing and sales strategy - essentially the mapping of the point at which a prospect has never heard of you right through until the point at which they make a purchase. It’s the entire process and is made up of various elements that will influence the effectiveness of what you communicate at each stage.

Our advice would be to break it down into six steps.

  • Set your goals. It’s super important to understand, in advance of setting out, what it is that you actually want to achieve. Doing this will help you identify the most effective way to get there.

  • Create your ideal customer avatar. An avatar is a fictional character that represents your ideal customer - their demographic, age, lifestyle and personality to name a few.

  • Identify motives and frustrations. What is it that you will help solve - but also what might prevent them from moving forward in the process (e.g a fear of giving over bank details for a trial) and work out how to move them along

  • Map out the buyer's journey: Not to be confused with the ‘customer journey’, there are three stages to the buyer journey. Awareness, Consideration and then Decision.

  • Consider your touch points: A touch point means one of the many channels through which someone may interact/be exposed to your business. Make the right impression at each and you’re on for a winner.

  • Adapt and respond: You should always be learning from the previous steps in order to build the very best customer and buyer journey. Don’t rest on your laurels - keep innovating and looking for ways to improve.

Practical steps aside, this is all about building trust - that is the ultimate goal here. People that trust you will engage with you and are more likely to spend with you (and in turn, refer you)

Points of Delight.

Points of Delight, or Emotional Peaks are those moments in a customer’s journey with you when they are most ‘in love’ with what you do or what you have provided. For someone who has just bought a house through an estate agent this could well be when they open the door to their new home. For a travel firm, it’s likely to be the moment the customer arrives at their destination and has that first cold drink. For an online store, it’s not the moment of purchase, it’s when they take delivery and unbox their new purchase.

Having mapped out your customer journey, we’d suggest pinpointing the points of delight and those moments that you feel your customers are most likely to sing from the rooftop about you. Once you’ve done this, you can then weave in your touch points for your referral campaigns.

So before you rush to create your offer, or incentive, work out these points of delight and meet with your customers when they are at their peak.

I can guarantee that this will take your referral success from bang average to bang on. Like with anything, doing it for the sake of doing it will seldom bring you full results, but by giving a little more thought to it you put your business in the very best position to take full advantage of what's possible.

Happy pin-pointing!

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