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Curiosity didn't kill the cat.

They say that curiosity killed the cat. 😼

I don’t buy that. I reckon it was more likely comparison. 😑

Curiosity for me is what gives the cat its personality, and maybe even its 9 lives. Any saying that shoots down curiosity needs to be called out.

Curiosity leads to discovery. It leads to adventure. It can lead to failure but with that comes a whole load of learning. It leads to expansion, to new networks, to horizons you never even knew existed.

Comparison on the other hand is toxic. It is the very opposite of curious. It tells you that you’re not good enough, that you never will be. It will squash your dreams, not set them on course. It will minimise your outlook, not expand it. It is a dichotomy of the extreme.

So if curiosity really did kill the cat then at least that cat had a belter of a story to tell to his other curious mates in heaven.

Remember, small minds discuss people. Great minds discuss ideas.

Be the curious cat this week.

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