Dela Mentoring//

The Dela Mentoring programme is a passion project for the founders. We have a conviction that our time, and our position in business, should be used for positive impact. 

The core foundation of Dela is one of sharing; the whole system facilitates just this and helps boost the profile and profitability of small businesses. 

But we want to go a step further and really drill down into what it means to share; what can we, as founders and entrepreneurs ourselves do to give back to those looking to embark on this journey themselves. This is the place from which Dela Mentoring was born. 

We are teaming up with founders, entrepreneurs and business thought leaders around the world to offer our time towards helping others pursue their own dreams. 

To find out more about Dela Mentoring and how you might be able to get involve drop us a line on


We'd love to have you involved. 

Team Dela x