'Request me'.

The Dela 'request me' feature provides a whole new level of engagement. Instead of just sending offers to your customers, they can now specifically request an offer from you to share within their network.


This works beautifully when someone in their network is asking for a recommendation for a service - there is a willing audience and your customers are acting as your mouthpiece in an environment that they are most trusted. 

Bespoke creation.

No one business is the same and our platform recognises this. We give each member the ability to create referral offers that are unique to their business and any particular areas they might be looking to grow into.


We offer full support on what level of reward to offer and our interactive ROI calculator lets you know exactly what level of return to expect based on the variables that you enter. 

Certified partner programme.

As well as creating referral incentives for your individual customers, Dela also gives you the ability to designate certified partners. These are customers or businesses that proactively share your product or service on a consistent basis - they will have a designation profile that will automatically register new business that they drive you and instantly calculate payouts. 

Database Magnet.

For businesses, such as cafes, that wouldn't typically collect any additional information about their customers (such an an email address) this is the perfect 'lead magnet' to encourage your customers to sign up to give them the chance to earn rewards by sharing with their friends. We like to see it as frictionless growth.