Effortless reward, the Dela way.

Dela is easy to use, low risk and high reward, making it the perfect tool for independent businesses, just like Ben's Hairdressers; 

Ben's Hairdressers

"Dela creates unique trackable referral offers for Ben who runs Bens’s Hairdressers. Ben sends these incentives to his happy customers, like Florence, who share them with their network. When Florence’s friends redeem an offer, Florence gets the reward that Ben offered. This makes Florence happy and Bens’s business is booming.”


Create an account

Create a free account. Setting up takes minutes and you will receive immersive onboarding to ensure you know your account inside out. 


Set your referral offers to go out via your chosen communication tool. The options are endless! 

Set your profile

Create an account that is unique to you. Identify your sector, level of use and type of rewards that you will give and Dela will build support just for you.


Set Dela as a core component of your point of sale and after sale processes and automate your contact with your most valuable of contacts. 

Link your accounts

Connect your payment portals, social accounts, CRM and your email accounts (amongst many others) to automate Dela. Don't have these? No stress - it all still works. 

Automated Payments

Using Dela, you never have to worry about who's due what. You are always in control and payments are never a burden with Dela.

Why it works.


92% of people say that they are more likely to make a purchase if it has been recommended to them by someone they know. 


Referred customers are proven to spend sooner and spend more. 


Dela puts businesses into networks of people - pushing your brand front and centre of discussions.


People spend an average of 3 hours per day on social media and messaging apps - Dela harnesses this opportunity.