How does your pricing work?

As part of your membership you will have access to the 'full fat' version of Dela from day one. Your dashboard will report on the success of all of the campaigns that you run and gives you full flexibility over the rewards that you offer. 

Our platform cost is just £39/month, so until we generate you £78 in new business you will pay £0. Remember - when you do come to the point at which you start paying for Dela it will only ever be in direct relation to the success you are having. 

How do I track the success of a campaign? 

Your personal dashboard monitors and reports on every single share and campaign and you are able to pull results directly from the system whenever you choose. 

Do I need a deep technical understanding to use Dela? 

How are you different from an affiliate marketing scheme? 

Affiliate or Pyramid schemes rely on a multi-level system of reps where very few in the chain end up earning anything meaningful. There are no multi-levels with Dela - it is just you and your customer who you are rewarding for recommending your product or service. 

How long is your contract? 

True to our success based pricing structure we don’t have a contract - it’s all on a rolling 30 day basis. 

How are you different to other referral marketing systems? 

Whilst there are other referral marketing systems out there, many of them focus on enterprise and tech driven clients. Dela has been built specifically with accessibility in mind and a focus on championing those businesses who’ve either been priced our or ‘teched out’ of referral marketing in the past. 

So long as you know how to work a basic email system you’ll find Dela a doddle!