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The referral marketing platform for Estate & Letting agents

 Reward your clients for their recommendations and supercharge your sales with sellers and landlords you actually want on your books

Request an invite to reserve your spot and we'll give you free access ahead of our official launch as well as sending you a bunch of kick ass exclusive perks. 

Why Dela.

We're all agreed that word of mouth referrals are powerful. You likely already swear by them as a core component of your new business strategy. The problem is that whilst 8/10 people who've had a good experience with a business say they'd recommend it, only 2/10 ever do...

Life takes over. People get swept up in their new home. Businesses also do a poor job at communicating referral offers (if they even exist) and an even poorer job at tracking these and reminding your customers to share them. 


The Opportunity.


Referred clients are less likely to leave you once they've made their decision.


92% of customers trust recommendations from people they know. 


Referred clients have been proven to spend more and commit sooner.


A client will likely refer an owner in a similar social demographic.

 How Dela works.

Unique referral offers incentivise your customers to proactively share your business with their friends, giving you access to even the tightest of networks.

Integrate seamlessly with your current systems and messaging platforms to send referral incentives out to your customers. 

Your personal dashboard will allow you to create, and track, referral offers for your customers that are specific to your business and even your individual customers. 

Powered by Dela, an army of everyday influencers drives new business to you. 


They earn you earn! 

Pay as you grow pricing

Our pricing is transparent and success based. Use Dela for FREE until we make you double our subscription fee .  

When zero means zero.

Zip, zilch, nada.

"Undeniable success" is part of the very fabric of Dela. We don't have pricing plans or time limited free trials. We have a platform that you only start paying for once you've seen an equivalent to a 100% return on investment. 

In other words, until we have proven to you that Dela works as well as we know it does then it won't cost you a thing.  

How do we calculate your success? 

As part of your membership you will have access to the 'full fat' version of Dela from day one. Your dashboard will report on the success of all of the campaigns that you run and gives you full flexibility over the rewards that you offer. 

The proof is in the pudding. We charge nothing until we can prove that Dela has generated at least £78 in verified new business for you. Thereafter we charge just half this (£39+vat a month) with no tie-in.


Low cost, no commitment, proven return.

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